preposition for class 10 to BCS

appropriate preposition
three mark confirm
    appropriate preposition three mark confirm

Abide by – The students must abide by the rules of discipline.


Abhorrent to – Corruption is abhorrent to me. 

Abound in – Hilsha fish abounds in the Meghna.


Abound with  – The Meghna abounds with hilsha fish


Absent from – They are absent from the meeting.


Absorbed in – She is absorbed in deep study. 

Abstain from – Everybody should try to abstain from drug addiction.


Accede to – He acceded to my request.


Acceptable to – Her offer is acceptable to me. 

Access to – They have easy access to the Chairman’s room.


According to – She acted according to my order. – He has a savings account with Sonli Bank.


Account with  Account for (ffet) – They were unable to account for the mistake.


Accused of – The man was accused of theft.

Acquit of  – The chief justice acquitted him of the charge of murder.


Adapt to -Shila cannot adapt to new place. 

Addicted to  – Kamal is addicted to gambling.


Adhere to  – You should adhere to your principle.


Adjacent to  – His house was adjacent to the bridge.


Admit of — His conduct admits of no excuse.


Afraid of  – Kamal gets afraid of the dog. 

Agree to – He agreed to her proposal.

Agree with – Both boy and girl was agreed with him.


Akin to -Their assignment is akin to yours.

Aim at – The RAB aim at the rapist.

Alive to  – You must be alive to your problems. 

Allergic to  – Lots of people are allergic to drinking.


Alternative to – There is no alternative to question for the examinees.


Amenable to- The student is not amenable to reason. 

Angry at – Kamal is angry at her failure.


Angry for- My friends were angry with me for my having done this. 

Angry with – Jamal is angry with me

Annoy with, for – Ema was annoyed with him for being late. 

Answerable to – He is not answerable to anybody for his mistake.


Antipathy to/towards – I have a strong antipathy to smoking. 

Apathy towards  – The student has a great apathy towards his studies.


Anxious about  – Shila is anxious about her examination.


Anxious for  – Karim was anxious for her.


Apart from  – They have never been apart from their parents.


Apology to -Kamal should ask apology to her for his mistake. 

Apology for – Kamal should ask apology to her.


Appeal to, for –His appeal to the government for mercy was rejected.

Appetite for  – He has no appetite for food.

Apply to – He applied to the principal for free admission.

Apply for – I applied for the job.


Appointed to  – They appointed me to this post. 

Appointment with – He has an appointment with the minister at 11:00 am.


Aptitude for – The girl has no aptitude for music.


Argue against – She argued against the bill. 

Argue over  – The kids are arguing over which TV program to watch.


Argue with, – They do not want to argue with you about the tiny matter.


Arrive at  – They arrived at the station in time. 

Ascend to  – Karim began to ascend to the surface of wakefulness.


Ascend from – Rahim watched the mist ascending from the valley.


Ashamed of  – His parents are ashamed of his conduct.


Ask about – Kamal asked about Jamal.


Asked for (53)- Do not ask him for any help.


Assure of  – I assured you of my help.


At lunch – They were talking so much at lunch that their food went cold.

At stake – Millions of lives will be at stake for the worldwide war.


At the bottom  – The principal asked the students to do exercise at the bottom of the page. At the fork (ca)- Turn left at the first fork and go 100 yards up the road.


At the sight of  – Sumon was horrified at the sight of so much distress.

At the weekend  – I shall meet with you at the weekend.

Attend on  – Doctors attend on patients.

Attend to – Students should attend to their study.

Authority on  – Mr. Gazi Mizanur Rahman is a leading authority on English Grammar.


Authority over – She has no authority over his growing daughters.

Averse to  – Rahim was averse to modern chaging.


Aware of  – You should aware of your various problems.


Avail (oneself) of – He availed himself of the opportunity

Bad at  – He is not bad at English.


Good at – He is good at English.


Believe in – He believes in GOD.


Below poverty line – Many people in Africa live below poverty line.


Beneficial to  – Green Vegetables are beneficial to health.


Bent on – He was bent on obtaining the government job. 

Bias against  – Kamal has no bias against the BCS exam system.


Bias towards  – Jamal has no bias towards anything particular.

Bless with She is blessed with a son.


Blind of – The poor man is blind of one eye.


Blind to  – She is blind to her son’s fault.


Boast of  – A good student does not boast of his success.


Break in – As she was talking, he suddenly broke in, saying, “That’s a le!’


Breakdown of – Here is a statistical breakdown of data.


Bridge over  – There is a new bridge over the Meghna river.

Brood over- I know you are upset about your failing your exam, but don’t brood over it all weekend.


Burdened with  – Kamal is burdened with a big family.


Business with – He is pleased to do business with you.


By heart – Kamal learnt the poem by heart.


Care for  – I do not care for you.

 Care of  – You should take care of your health.


Cast aside  – As soon as they become rich they cast aside their




Catch at  – The baby caught at my dress as I walked past.

Cause for  – He has never given me any cause for concern.


Cause of – Industry is the cause of his success.


Change into  – At what point does boiling water change into vapour.


Charge with – The man was charged with murder.


Coincide with – Your story coincides with her.

Combination of – The combination of hydrogen and oxygen creates water.


Come from  – He came from London.

Come of – She came of a noble family.


Come Round — I hope you will come round soon.

Compare to – They compared the heart to a pump.


Compare with – Shelly can be compared with Nazrul.


Compatible with – Driver should drive the car at a speed compatible with safety. 

Compensate for  – We will have to compensate you for the loss.

Competent for  – You are not competent for the new post.

Complain to – You should not complain to his parents.

Complain about -They complained about the mismanagement of the programme.


Comply with – Mr. Gazi Mizanur Rahman complied with my request.


Concerned for  – The parents are concerned for their growing children.

Concern with – Kamal is not concerned with this conspiracy.


Condemn to – The mastermind of the conspiracy was condemned to death.


Conducive to  – Everyone knows that exercise is conducive to health.


Confidence in – I have confidence in my ability.


Confident of – I am confident of my success.


Confined in – They were confined in prison for a murder case.


Confined to – He was confined to bed with fever for a week.


Conform to – The employees have to conform to a strict dress code.


Congenial to – Fresh air is congenial to our health. 


Congratulate on – He congratulated me on my tremendous success.


Consist in – Happiness consists in contentment. 

Consist of  – Our family consists of four members.


Consolidate for  – The four new companies consolidated for greater efficiency.


Contemporary of  – William Wordsworth was a contemporary of S.T. Coleridge. 

Contrary to  – Contrary to orders, they set out alone.


Contribution to  – His invention made a major contribution Control over – The parents have no control over their children to road safety.


Convict of  – They were convicted of corruption. 

Convinced of – You are convinced of his product.


Cope with – They cannot cope with so much work.


Count on/upon  – Rahim count on (upon) my help.


Creep up – The prices of are creeping up day by day.


Cruise to  -The Bangladesh team cruised to their fifth successive win this afternoon.


Curse for – If he ever mistreats my parents, I will certainly curse him for it.


Deal in – They deal in green vegetables. 

Deal with – Kamal deals in green vegetables but does not know how to deal with the customers.


Debar from – He was debarred from smoking.


Delegate to – Mrs. Niger welcomed the delegates to the new conference.


Depend on – A successful career merely depends on hard work.


Depend upon – She depended upon his word.


Deprive of – He is deprived of his property.


Derive from – The line has been derived from the poem. 


Descend on  – Armed thieves descended on the helpless girl.


Desire for  – He has no desire for money. 


Desist from  – She desisted from making this.


Destitute of  – He is destitute of any friend here.

 Detrimental to – Smoking is detrimental to our health.


Devoid of – She is devoid of commonsense.


Devote to – He devotes much time to study.


Die by – Kamal died by poison. 


Die for – Kamal died for his country.


Die from – The poor person died from hunger. 


Die of – The orphan boy died of cancer.


Differ from  – His shirt differs from mine.


Differ with – I differ with him on this point.


Different from – His hobby is different from your hobby. 


Difficulty in – I don’ think you will have any difficulty in getting the smart card.


Disappointed at – The student was disappointed at failure. 


Discourage from – He discouraged me from going out in the morning.


Dispense with – I dispensed with his services


Distinguish between – Death does not distinguish between the poor and the rich 

Divide between  – He divided the food between the two poor children.


Divide among  – The teacher divided the books among us. 

Divisions among – The divisions among the enormous groups of society are the main clashes in our society.


Dressed in – The girl was dressed in silk. 


Drop to – Jamal dropped his voice to a whisper.


Dull of – He is dull of hearing.


Dwell in – She dwells in this new house. Dwell upon (bat)- They dwell long upon the matter.


Easy of – The teacher is easy of approach.


Effect of – The effect of corruption is very harmful for our society.


Eligible for – You are eligible for the post.


End in – My effort did not end in smoke.


Enter into – Tareq entered into a new agreement.


Entitled to – He is entitled to a reaward for honesty.


Entrust to – He entrusted the thing to me.


Entrust with – He entrusted me with the thing.


Envious of – He is envious of my success.


Equal to – He is not equal to me. 

Essential to – Food is essential to health.


Exception to – There is no exception to the act.


Exclude from – He was excluded from the list. 


Exempt from – They were exempted from the charge.


Excel in  – She is excelled in cooking. 


Expert in – She is expert in making cake.


Experience in  – He has a great experience in dealing with new customers.


Faced with  – The vellage he lived in is faced with arsenic poisoning. 


Fail in  – He failed in getting inernet connection in his room.


Feed on – Cows feede on grass.


 Feed with – They feed the cow with grass.


 Go down  – The boy went down in the river.


 Hinge on  – The whole matter hinges upon this clue.


 Ignorant of – He is ignorant of cultivation.


 Important for  – It is important for children to get a quality education.


 Incentive to – The campaign is incentive to mass awakening. 


Indebted to – I am indebted to Gazi Mizanur Rahman for my success.


 Independent of – They are independent of my help for grown-up children.


Fantasize about  – They fantasized about winning the lottery. 


Fatigued by – He was fatigued by hard work.


 Fed up with – He is fed up with waiting for her.


Feel like – You may go for a walk if you like it. 


Fond of – Children are fond of reading new book.


Free from – He is now free from danger.


 Genius for  – Asif had a genius for convincing girls.


Get into  – She got into a first class compartment. 


Give in  – The leader gave in to the demands of the opposition party.


Give up  – You should give up smoking.


Good at – She is good at English.

Guilty of  – She is guilty of theft.


Hanker after – You should not hanker after wealth.


Hit upon – He hit upon a new plan.


Importance of  – He emphasized the importance of learning English.


Imposed on  – The task was imposed on me. Impute to (t) – Do not impute motives to her.


Incapable of  – I am incapable of making such a hard decision.


Indifferent to – His friend is indifferent to his duties. 

Indispensable to – Your help is indispensable to him.


Indulge in  – You should not indulge in Facebook.


 Inferior to – Sumi is inferior to Sima.


Infested with  – The room is infested with rats. 


Innocent of  – She is innocent of the charge.


Inquire for – He inquires for the manager.


Inquire into – The sub-inspector will inquire into the matter.


Insist on  – He insisted on seeing her.


In spite of  – In spite of my request, he could not arrived on time.


 Intent on – He is intent on meeting there.


Interest in  – He has no interest in music.


 Interfere with – She never interferes with her


Interfere in  – Don’t interfere with me in my business.


Jump into – The travellers jumped into the car.

 Junior to – He is junior to me.


Senior to – He is senior to me.


Key to  – Industry is the key to success.


Know about – They don’t know about the matter.


Laugh at  – Do not laugh at the lame.


Laugh with  – I was laughing with my friends at that moment.


Lead to – The evidence leads him to a different conclusion. 


Learn about – They have recently learnt about the matter.


Liable to, for – She is liable to punishment for neglecting her duties.


Liberate from – Our country was liberated from Pakistan in 1971.

 Liking for  – She has a liking for him.


Light by  – Now -a- days many villages are lit by electricity. 


Long for  – Everyone longs for happiness in his life.


Look at – Look at the beautiful moon.


Look for – She is looking for a good job.


Look into – The detective branch is looking into the case.


Look up – You can always look up her address in the dictionary if you have forgotten it.


Make of – His ring is made of gold.


Make from – The paper is made from bamboo. 


Make up of  – The Bangladesh cricket team is made up of eleven young players.


Monument to – The monument to your right is a popular tourist attraction.


Mourn for  – It is useless to mourn for the dead.


Necessity for – Industry is necessity for prosperity.


Object to  – He objected to your remark.


Obliged to, for  – I am obliged to him for his cooperation.


Oblivious of  – He is oblivious of his surroundings.


Observant off – The representative is observant of public feeling. 


On TV – He watched the movie on TV.


Originated from  – The fire originated from the kitchen.


Part from – He parted from me tears.


Part with  – I cannot part with my best friend.


Pass away – His mother passed away last month.


Pass by  – She passed by but didn’t notice him.


Penalty for, with – She has paid the penalty for the misuse 


Perfect for – The new book is perfect for you.


(Take) Pity on – Allah took pity on me.


Play with – I shall not play with him.


Point out – Point out the mistakes from the book.


 Ponder over – Ponder over his advice.


Popular for – The teacher is popular for her teaching.


Popular with – The teacher is popular with his students. 


Poring over – On the night before the exam, they were poring over the books.


Pray for – My parents pray for my success.


Prefer to – They prefer coffee to tea.


Preferable to – Death is preferable to dishonour.


Prejudice against – The illiterate people have prejudice against new ideology.


Preside over – The chairperson presided over the meeting.


Pretext for – What is pretext for opposing him?

 Prevail on – She could not prevail upon me.


Prevent from  – He prevented me from reading this book.


Pride in – He takes pride in his wealth.


Pride oneself on  – The woman prides herself on her beauty.


Proud of  – The mother was proud of her son. 

Prior to  – This difficult task is prior to all others.


Proficiency in  – He is proficiency in English


Provide against – We must provide against the evail days.


Provide with – She provides us with vegetables regularly.


Qualified for  – He is qualified for the BCS written exam.


Quick at  – Niger is quick at her work.


Rebel against  – The soldiers rebelled against the king


Recover from – Sujon has recovered from illness just now.


Refrain from  – You should refrain from smoking.


Relevant to  – My answer is relevant to your question.


Remedy for  – There is no easy remedy for cancer.


Relieve from – He relieved me from pain. 

 Reliant on – He is reliant on his parents.


Remind of – I reminded him of his promise. 


Repentant for  – Kamal should be repentant for his misbehaviour.


Reputation for – She has reputation for kindness.


Respect for – I have great respect for my parents. 


Respond to  – She did not respond to my call


Responsible to – You are responsible to me for your misdeeds. 


Responsible for – They are responsible for their duties. month.


Retire from  – She retired from the government job last


Retire to – She retired to bed. 


Return to, from – Kamal returned to Paris by plane from Sylhet.


Revolt at  – He always revolts at a crime. 


Road to  – There is no easy road to learning.


Run into – He had run into debt.


Run on  – The bus is running on time.


Run over – The boy was run over by a bus.


Satisfied with  – He is satisfied with her.


Search for – He searched for information on the web.


Senior to  – He is senior to me.


Shout at – Do not shout at your parents.


Similar to  – This pen is similar to that.


Smile at  – They are smiling at themselves.


Smile on/upon – Fortune smiles on/upon the brave. 


Solution to – None can solution to every problem.


Sorry for – He is sorry for his misdeeds.


Succeed in – They succeeded in winning a pardon. 


Suffer from – Nabil has been suffering from fever for the last three days.


Suited to – Your dress is not suited to the programme. 


Survive on – We can’t survive on the earth without air.


Sympathy for – She has great sympathy for the poor.


Take pity on – Take pity on the helpless people. 


Take after- The boy takes after his brother.


Taste of – They have had some taste of problems.


Taste for  – He has a great taste for music.


Thirst for – A wise man has no thirst for wealth.


Translate from, into (at) – V.I. Lenin’s books have been translated from Russian into many languages.


Treat of – This book treats of democratic ideology.


Treat to  – She treated us to a dinner at the Hotel Sonargaon


Treat with – He treated well with all customers.


True to – Everybody must be true to his word.


Under trial – The murder case is under trial.


Unsure of – She was unsure of herself. 


Urge upon – She urged upon his son the importance of being honest.


Valid for – This smart card will be valid for ten years.


Walk up  – Rahim Walked up to the door and rang the bell.


Wander about – The students wandered about in the streets.


Want in – Kamal wants in commonsense.

Want of  – He has want of money.


Welcome to – You are welcome to our new office. Wish for () – Everybody wish for happiness.


With a view to – I went to hospital with a view to seeing you.


Work for – She works for a construction company. 


Work with – They will be working with me on the new project.


Worry about – Please, don’t worry about me. I will be all right


Yield to – I shall not yield to his temptation.


Zeal for – Kamal has a great zeal for football.


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