class test for class eight


Read the passage and answer questions 1&2

Thousand of years ago the first pearl was probably discovered while human beings were searching for food at the seashore. Throughout history The Pearl with its shine has been one of the most highly valued gems. Pearls have been mentioned many times in religious texts and mythologies from the earliest times. The ancient Egyptians valued pearls so much that they were buried with them. It is said that the famous queen of Egypt Cleopatra would dissolve a pearl in a glass and drink it as a sign of love and respect for the entire nation. The Greeks thought of the pearls as a sign of wealth and social position. The beauty of pearls was associated with love and marriage.

In ancient Rome, pearls were considered the greatest sign of wealth and social status.

At that time the young women of the noble families love to wear the beautiful pearl necklaces. The brave knights used to wear them in the battles for good luck.


1. choose the correct answer to the question from the given and write the corresponding numbers of answers in your answer script.

a. The word “dissolve” means _____.

soften (2) separate

(3) break (4) absolve


b. The word “associated” means____.

related (2) attached

(3) assist (4) assault


c. The word “mention” means _____.

cite (2) site

(3) sanction (4) tension


d. what does the word “probably” refer to?

exactly (2) definitely

(3) possible (4) possibility


e. Pearls have been mentioned in ___

mythologies (2) sword of war

(3) battle dress (4) all of these


f. The ancient Egyptian used to ____ pearl with them.

(1) carry (2) bury

(3) attach (4) dissolve

g. The word “value” means _____.

image (2) construct

(3) worth (4) validity



2. Answer the following questions from your reading of the above text.


Why were pearls considered as the greatest sign of social status?

Why have the pearls been valued by the Greeks and Romans?

Where have the pearls been mentioned?

Who is Cleopatra and what is said about her mythology?


3. read the following text and feel in the gaps with appropriate words to make it a meaningful one.


A life vest is located in a pouch under your seat between the armrests. when instructed to (a)_____ so, open the plastic pouch and remove the (b)_____. Slip it over your {c} ____. Pass the straps (d)_____ your waist and adjust at the front. To inflate the vest, pull firmly at the red cord, before you (e)____ the aircraft.

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